Bio-diversity Aware Weeding

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Our Mission

At DynamoBot, we commit to leading the way in Bio-Diversity Aware Weeding, offering smarter, eco-friendly solutions for modern agriculture. Our focus is on protecting the environment while enhancing farming efficiency, ensuring every innovation respects and nurtures the delicate balance of nature. We pledge to continually evolve, delivering accessible and advanced weeding technologies that benefit both farmers and the earth.

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Our Commitment

At DynamoBot, our focus is on developing cutting-edge precision weeding technologies that significantly contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture. Deeply committed to ecological sustainability, we carefully select our transport, suppliers, and partners to align with these values. Internally, we champion diversity, fairness, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning, ensuring that our business practices not only benefit the environment but also foster a culture of inclusivity and growth.


Utilizes advanced data analytics for comprehensive field scouting and detailed reporting on weed presence and crop health. All accessible online and via Vi-Man Application.

Per-Plant Diagnose

Offers tailored weeding strategies for each plant, ensuring precise and effective weed control (using Multi-Head Action tool) while nurturing crop growth.


Designed with versatile capabilities to accommodate a wide range of crops, thanks to its adaptable and flexible system architecture both in Hardware and Software.

Multi-Head Intervention

Features a high Speed & highly accurate multi-head weeding tool capable of tackling targets with Mechanical, Chemical and Thermal nozzles Simultaneously.

Bio-diversity Aware

Takes Bio-diversity considerations into weeding processes,actively protecting and encouraging ecological balance within the farming ecosystem.

Expert Support

Provides immediate access to expert support and guidance, ensuring optimal use of the all services including weeding, monitoing and agri-naivgation systems.

Advanced AI in Action

Robotics to Its Full Potential in Action

As an Spin-Off from The Unversity of Bonn and with support of Phenorob (Exellence Cluster in Germany) , we developed BonnBot , a precise weed management platform which can also performs field monitoring. Driven by state-of-the-art crop monitoring approaches which can accurately locate and classify plants (weed and crop) we enable precison plant-level intervention in arable farms.

BonnBot is equipped with a novel arrangement of multi-head and in dependently controllable weeding tools mounted on linear actuators, abling precise and bio-diversity aware interventions in a proper speed of operation while serving a the highers accuaracy.

High Precision Multi-Head Action

Our Team

Alireza Ahmadi

Founder, CEO & CTO

Dario Schulz


Marie Zingsheim

Weeding Spesialist

Patrick Zimmer

Lead of AI

Chris McCool